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The VLAD takes much of its pedigree from the innovations that make Ek’s R9 and Adder such superlative carbine crossbows, namely a design that allows the crossbow to be rapidly disassembled and reassembled into discreet components and the inclusion of an integrated cocking system that uses mechanical advantage to cycle the device.


The VLAD features an integral 8-shot top fed magazine that reliably provides a bolt as fast as the operator can cycle the crossbow. Using the provided 8-shot “charger-clip” the VLAD’s magazine can be reloaded in seconds and a fully-kitted VLAD can be carried with two of these speedloaders attached to picatinny rails on the front end of the crossbow.


When operated with the 30lb limbset, open sights and a square of solid target foam, the VLAD is the ultimate back-garden plinker with which to hone ones shooting skills. The bolts used by the VLAD are a very economical choice for casual shooting and be resourced for as little as 44¢ per bolt. However, when the VLAD is equipped with its red-dot sight and a 60lb/90lb limb set it transforms into a formidable defense platform propelling the 6.5”aluminum bolt at 165/200fps and delivering up to 19 joules of impact. In lieu of a firearm, the VLAD is a serviceable short to medium range weapon that can give the defender the advantage of distance and the ability to rapidly place a second or third shot on target.


  • SPEED: 165 FPS / 155gn ; 200 FPS / 155gn
  • DRAW WEIGHT: 60 LB / 90 LB (30 LB sold separately)
  • POWER STROKE: 5.5"
  • LENGTH: 25.6"



VLAD Sub Compact Crossbow

  • 16x #1616 6.5" Aluminum Bolts

    2x Front end (60Lbs & 90Lbs)

    1x Aluminum red-dot Sight

    1x Quick loader

    1x Stringer

    1x Spare string

    1x Safety Glasses

    1x String wax

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